• Power One Burundi

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Power One is providing the market with an investment opportunity in the start up of Power One, a 12 MW power station in Kabonga area, south Burundi, and a 50 MW solar power plant in Amhara, Ethiopia.

The investment aims to establish, integrate and build a stable foundation for the company’s continued development in Africa, and by accepting this invitation to subscribe to the upcoming issue, you can become a co-owner on very good terms.

Power One is an innovative project for electrifying a previously non-electrified area with renewable energy and is well aligned with the history of social entrepreneurship and sustainable agriculture in the regions we operate in.

About thirty thousand families are ready waiting for clean electricity in the area to be electrified in Burundi. The population comprised of farmers, fishermen, small entrepreneurs and private households. In Ethiopia the power plant will serve the educational facilities of the national university located in Amhara.

The construction begin already in 2020 and will be ready to deliver renewable energy by 2021.

This is a truly exclusive chance to take part of well prepared and insanely exciting projects for empowering education in Ethiopia and building a modern sustainably living area in Burundi.

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Teckna Emission

15.000.000 SEK


Teckningskurs 1,00 SEK

Värdering 180 000 000 SEK

Ställda garantier Huvudägare garanterar 50 %

Minimiinvestering 5.000 SEK